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Hosting Solutions

Host your websites on our high-performance and high-security servers.

A managed dedicated server cluster is great for your high-performance needs. If you have processing and I/O intensive workloads, or mission-critical applications that require the high availability, security and control of a dedicated hosting infrastructure, dedicated servers deliver performance and reliability. If high-end performance not the issue you can profit from the innovative and technical compentence of our technicians. We provide a wide range of vServer configurations that exactly fit your needs.

E-Commerce Platforms

Kick-off your business with an extra boost with our e-commerce platforms.

With your own business depending on excellent e-commerce platforms, you should not aim lower that the best you can get. Our solutions mean smart and hassle-free performance. For your developer, it translates to faster work, easy maintenance and great scalability. Access hundreds of add-ons which are built right into your store admin area. And bootstrap-based responsive designs for optimal performance on all types of devices are a must for any successful e-commerce business, which we provide out of the box.

Online-Billing Interfaces

Mulit-channel payment. All methods in one solution, optimized for your business.

We offer you an excess of payment methods from numerous countries worldwide and expand our offer continuously. Always have the right mix of payment methods for your business, audience or key market, provided by one partner. Add your preferred methods to your backend at a breeze. Our highly specialized professionals will stand by your side at any time to make your billing story a success story.

SSL Encryption

Standard certificates and high-security encryption at a great price.

The more your customers trust you, the more they buy from you. Our SSL certificates provide the strongest encryption available, using 2048-bit and SHA-2, and are available in a variety of options designed to meet your needs at a reasonable price. With your SSL certificate in place you are able to deliver the highest levels of website security with a high gain of trust for current internet users.

VPN Solutions

Smart security with dedicated VPN access at a personal level.

Extend network resources to almost any remote user. Our SSL VPN solutions help you easily and securely extend the network to users who have access to the Internet and a web browser. Based on many years of remote access experience, our VPN solution is designed to meet the requirements of users, IT staff and controllers. For our customers this means: high usability, low administrative overhead and low operating costs. The result is a cost efficient, fully automated and highly secure Remote Access VPN solution.

Server Solutions and Server Housing

Shared hosts and high-performance dedicated servers and colocation.

Own racks are essential in the IT industry. Our housing and colocation solutions allow you to safely store your computer equipment at competitive prices in our highly available Tier 3 data center. Highest security standards, a secure power supply and the efficient climate control in our data center ensure interference-free operation.

E-Mail Hosting

Professional e-mail communication on a high-security level.

With our email hosting products you can choose how big you want your storage to be and how many mailboxes you want. This gives you a more flexible, tailored and cost effective email package for you and your business. Backups and spam protection are two more essential musts für professional email hosting. We’re continually investing in our technology, so you can rest assured your email services are in safe hands.

Consulting for Network Solutions

Your IT network strategy, developed together for the best efficiency.

Information technology is increasingly pressurized to do more faster and at a lower cost. New approaches are required to deliver higher levels of strategic value within organizations for less. We can help you to identify, articulate and gain consensus in defining the sweet spot between cost efficiency and high performance to align it profitably and effectively within your enterprise strategy.

CQ INTERNATIONAL is your partner for high quality individual IT services. Working with our clients at a personal level, providing flexible services and state of the art technology is self-evident in our understanding of quality. Our year-long experience in the field of IT provides tailor-made solutions to make your business dependent on your ideas, with you not having to worry about technology. It just has to work and CQ INTERNATIONAL will make it so.

Technological Solutions

Our Knowledge at your Hands.

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CQ International B.V.
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Netherlands NL

+31 77 3662124